“Horse Capital Of The World” title tarnished in horse abuse scandal in Pendleton Co, Ky

Disgust, Horror, Sadness, Anger, Sickening, Nausea, Hatred, Revolting, Furious, Outrage etc.. are words that should come to mind when you review the ‘Larry Browning’ case from Pendleton County, KY. Mr. Browning’s repeated behavior of neglect and abuse coupled with an unfavorable resolution to the case should speak not only to the ‘implied’ hidden corruption but also to the integrity and manner in which this case was handled. The title “Horse Capital of the World” must mean nothing if this continued neglect and abuse is a common occurrence in the equine industry throughout our Commonwealth.

There are two sides to a story. What defines those sides, are the characters in the story and the evidence submitted. The facts alone are astounding and speak to behavior I myself can not comprehend. Photos don’t lie, regardless of what a report says. If we as Kentuckians, continue to allow this picture to be painted as a means to attract Industry and Business, then we are surely destined for demise and failure not only in our economic landscape but in our moral landscape as well.

No one should be above the law! It would seem though, that is exactly what we are led to believe looking at THIS case. The County Attorney, Jeff Dean did not exercise his full power to prosecute Mr. Browning and allowed Mr. Browning to enter an Alford plea, offering at best, a minimal punishment that might as well be a blank sheet of paper. Did I mention that Larry Browning still has horses? Mr. Dean was elected to do a job and took an oath to be fair and impartial. He had every opportunity to recuse himself from this case and did not in spite of Mr. Browning being his friend.

You could also infer from the actions of Deputy Sheriff Todd Dennie and Sheriff Craig Peoples as being culpable, as they too refused to be involved and even went so far as to agree to be witnesses for Mr. Browning’s defense. The counties own animal cruelty officer Steve Johnson, refused to investigate, ignoring the complaints and DOCUMENTED evidence. Ask yourself, if these individuals are capable of being complicit in turning a “blind eye” to this type of abuse, then what else are they capable of?  As elected paid officials of their county, they took an oath and were SWORN to uphold the law, even when the person breaking it, was a friend.

Mr. Browning’s disregard for horses dates many years prior to the 2011 case and even then no charges were filed. The investigations start in 2011 up until his last plea deal in January of 2015. Mr. Browning’s defense has continually been “they were dropped on my property” Browning denied any allegation of abuse. “I’ve actually traded ponies and horses for 50 years. I’ve never been accused of starving anything in my life. I don’t believe in it. I wasn’t raised that way,” Browning said. That’s the same thing Browning said in 2011 when he was investigated and 10 horses were in such bad shape they had to be euthanized. Browning was not charged in that case. I challenge Mr. Browning’s defense. How the hell do that many horses get trailered in and dropped off in the dark on a state road? Furthermore, why did he not report any of them?

As much as Mr. Browning and others would love us to buy into that story, you can not, based on the repeated offenses, condition of the horses, testimony of others and the photos. Collectively, they paint a very disturbing picture. Make no mistake, these animals suffered a very painful, ghastly, horrific death. Those that did not die, suffered unimaginable pain, starvation and dehydration.

What are we to take from this case when the outside Equine Cruelty investigator from Kenton County, Scott Pracht appointed by Pendleton Judge Exec Henry Bertram, submits his resignation on Jan 15, 2015 because of a LACK OF A PROSECUTION? If that does not speak volumes to the atrocities in this case, then nothing will.  The toll financially and physically has left many in the county scarred, heartbroken and traumatized. I urge you to write county officials and express your outrage at the inexcusable outcome in this case.

Attached below are photos, the plea deal, the facts and links to various sites and stories. Thank you for your consideration in reading this article. It took stomaching these pictures for days to figure out the best way to convey this story. DON’T LET IT JUST BE BURIED!  Write and call your lawmakers. Tell whomever you can about the abuse in our state. Support those in Pendleton Co/Falmouth who would like to see Co Attorney Jeff Dean removed from office~
Debbie Wimsatt

*FACT 1-

49 dead horses found on Pendleton Co. farm`APRIL 2014~In what one investigator called the ‘worst case of animal cruelty” he’s seen, 49 dead horses and 15 others that appeared emaciated were found on a Pendleton County farm Monday.

Some of the horse skeletons on Larry Browning’s farm were found still wearing halters. Some were so starved their ribs showed through their skin. There was very little hay for the horses to eat, some of it in pools of water along with horse carcasses, county animal control officials said. Browning told them he planned to sell all the horses, either to private owners or to slaughterhouses outside of the country, by May.”In nine years, this is the worst case of animal cruelty I’ve seen,” said Scott Pracht, the county’s equine investigator.



*FACT 2-

Animals’ Angels Inc., a non-profit organization that investigates cases of animal abuse and other instances of cruelty in the slaughter pipe line in the United States, claims “this incident wasn’t the first time Browning was accused of mistreating his animals”. Animals’ Angels reports investigators found about 100 horses “very thin, emaciated, lethargic and coughing” on Browning’s farm in 2011.
“Some were penned in an area used for manure disposal, standing on ground covered with manure and urine, their hay thrown on top of the filth,” the report states. Animals’ Angels investigators said they obtained photographs taken at Browning’s farm on June 15, 2011 that show “extremely emaciated horses.”

*FACT 3-His former stepdaughter  Rhonda Clark-Crosby  writes:

Hi everyone, My name is Rhonda, and I just wanted to 1) apologize for this horror! I am in no way personally responsible, but you all should know up front, that at one time I was his stepdaughter for many years. It sickens me to think back on those years or to be associated with this DEMON in any way! 2) I wanted to ask I’d anyone has any fresh info on the status of this case. My Mother & I know this man too well & Have known him up close & personal for 40 years. He is guilty!!! He is guilty of all these charges & so much more!!! I only wish the police & investigators had bothered to question me or my mom…but they didn’t! Mom divorced his nasty wicked self 11 years ago, but OMG, THE STORIES WE COULD TELL! My Mom managed his horse business for years & is very familiar with his cruelty to the horses among other things! It’s really killing her to think that he will actually get away with this….again!!! Mom has tons of facts & info that can be proven, that would absolutely win this case against him, so why have we not been questioned?!! The answer is, because the people who know about us are keeping their mouths shut because they know we can & will help the prosecution hang his ass from the highest tree…so to speak! 3) I am here to open myself up to you all, no matter who you are, ask me anything you want & I will answer you truthfully. Just please be respectful, I am a Christian woman. 4) is there anyone or any groups or organization that can help ensure his prosecution & conviction? He can not be allowed to get away with this evil again! He already believes he is charmed & untouchable & can do anything he wants…After all, he’s been doing it for 50 years and getting away with it!!! Is there “anyone” out there that will help me make sure he answers for his crimes?

*FACT -4
One county official calls dealing with Browning for the last 10-years a “complicated situation.” Pendleton County Judge-Executive Henry Bertram says, “the care for his animals has deteriorated.” 


PETITION FOR A RETRIAL OF THE CASE~ by signing this as over 20,000 have you lend a voice to CHANGE


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